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Masoor Dal Face Pack for Healthy Skin

Many nutrients are found in lentils, which are very beneficial for health as well as skin. If it is used properly on the face, then problems like nail acne can be got rid of. This also makes the face look very glowing. It is often seen that many people are troubled by various problems of […]

Water Should Not Be Drunk After Eating Cucumber

Cucumber, famous among vegetables, is liked by everyone. Many people like to eat it regularly in the form of salad. Apart from keeping the body hydrated, cucumber is a treasure trove of many invaluable properties till the beauty of the skin. But do you know that drinking water immediately after eating cucumber can be harmful […]

नाईट क्रीम लगाने के असरदार फायदे

अपनी त्वचा को सूंदर, हेल्दी और ग्लोइंग रखने के लिए हम क्या कुछ नहीं करते है। रोजाना कुछ न कुछ उपाय करते रहते है जिससे हमारी स्कीन में चमक बनी रहे। लेकिन क्या आप यह बात जानती है कि  अगर हम हमारे स्कीन केयर रूटीन में एक छोटी सी चीज जोड़े तो हमे कितने बदलाव […]

5 Easy Steps to Learn Hypnotism

Hypnosis is called Hypnotism in English. Hypnotism is of two types, firstly hypnotizing oneself and secondly hypnotizing others. In many countries, mental illness, frustration, despair and distrust are removed through this vidya. In psychology, it is seen as therapy. Come let us know how self hypnotism can make yourself mentally strong by doing self hypnosis. […]

What are the benefits of Olive Oil?

Olive oil is very beneficial for the body. Yes, it is a very profitable deal compared to other oils. By consuming it regularly on the body, the body gets many benefits from outside as well. Olive oil contains many nutrients, including vitamin E, vitamin K, omega-3 fatty acids, minerals and antioxidants. This oil is also […]

How to overcome fatigue and weakness after recovering from corona?

Corona-infected cures after treatment, but fatigue and weakness may persist for several days after recovery. In such a situation, it is important that you pay attention to what to eat after the report is negative and how to adopt a lifestyle to become fully healthy. Good nutrition is essential for fast recovery and a return […]

क्या आप उम्र से पहले तो बूढ़े नहीं हो रहे? पहचाने जल्दी बूढ़े होने के लक्षण

इस बात से तो सब वाकिफ है कि जैसे जैसे इंसान की उम्र बढ़ने लगती है उसके शरीर की सारी प्रक्रियाएं धीमी पड़ने लगती है। बुढ़ापे के निशान शरीर पर नजर आने लगते है। जब बुढ़ापा आता है तो त्वचा की कोशिकाओं की रिकवरी भी धीमी होने लगती है। हड्डियां कमजोर होने लगती है। बीमारियों […]