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5 Easy Steps to Learn Hypnotism


Hypnosis is called Hypnotism in English. Hypnotism is of two types, firstly hypnotizing oneself and secondly hypnotizing others. In many countries, mental illness, frustration, despair and distrust are removed through this vidya. In psychology, it is seen as therapy. Come let us know how self hypnotism can make yourself mentally strong by doing self hypnosis.

  1. First Step: The power of self-hypnosis can be awakened by meditation, pranayama and eye tratak. While meditating for 5 minutes every day, first focus on the forehead or if you want, after making a point on the wall and looking at it for five minutes, try to close your eyes and look at that point.

Some people do the above meditation by keeping the thumb in line with the eyes, some people spiral (hypnosis), some people while moving the clock pendulum, some people stare at the red bulb and some people do the above meditation even while looking at the candle. .

  1. Second Step: Now lying down in the posture of Shavasana, leave your body completely loose and focus only on the movement of breath.
  2. Third Step: When the above is practiced, then start instructing yourself in that state itself. For example, if you lack confidence, then tell yourself that I have a lot of confidence. Whatever mental disease you are suffering from, by focusing on that disease, you can cure it with your mental power.
  3. Fourth Step: When the practice of the above gets deepened then you go one step further and imagine that my body has become completely healthy and I have become mentally strong too.
  4. Fifth Step: Now imagine that I have accumulated so much power that I can hypnotize myself as well as others and can cure their diseases too.

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