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Water Should Not Be Drunk After Eating Cucumber


Cucumber, famous among vegetables, is liked by everyone. Many people like to eat it regularly in the form of salad. Apart from keeping the body hydrated, cucumber is a treasure trove of many invaluable properties till the beauty of the skin. But do you know that drinking water immediately after eating cucumber can be harmful for health, because along with water, other nutrients are also present in cucumber and by drinking water after eating cucumber, you can get those essential nutrients. They are deprived of elements, which are beneficial to the body.

The biggest feature of cucumber is that it contains 80 percent water. Cucumber quenches thirst and fulfills the lack of water in the body. After eating cucumber, the body gets enough water. It deeply cleanses the internal organs and skin of our body. Apart from this, not only gives relief to sunburned skin but also reduces skin irritation and tanning. It is very important for us to take some vitamins daily.

Like vitamins A, B and C we should take regularly. Cucumber alone gives us daily vitamins. Cucumber peel contains vitamin C. Cucumber is rich in potassium, magnesium and silicon. These minerals are very important for the skin. Cucumber has high water content while no calories. Hence it satisfies the stomach quickly.

  1. Digestion problems– We all know that pH level is required to digest food, but drinking water with cucumber or immediately after eating it weakens the pH level. And this acid needed to digest food or foods does not work effectively, leading to digestive problems.
  2. Nutrients– Cucumber contains 80 percent water and other nutrients. Therefore, other nutrients are also present in proper quantity and drinking water after eating cucumber deprives you of those essential nutrients.
  3. Damage to natural process– Drinking water after eating cucumber increases GI motility, hence it also harms the natural process of digestion and absorption.
  4. The problem of loose motion (diarrhoea), diarrhea- According to experts, there is no problem of constipation by eating cucumber. But if you drink water after cucumber, it can cause diarrhea and loose motion.
  5. Do not drink water even with these things– According to experts, not only cucumbers but many fruits rich in water like pineapple, watermelon and strawberries are not recommended to drink after drinking. Therefore, it is advisable to keep a gap of at least 20 to 30 minutes between eating cucumber and drinking water.
  6. What and what not to eat- Apart from this, if you drink lassi with food after eating cucumber in the form of salad, then drinking lassi over cucumber can upset your stomach and you may have to face stomach related problems. . Therefore, never drink lassi immediately after eating cucumber. Also, one should avoid drinking milk over cucumber, because cucumber has a cooling effect and by drinking hot milk over it, a person may have to face cough, fever and many other problems.

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