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Benefits of Using a Wood Comb In Your Hair

wooden comb

Most people use plastic and metal comb to comb the hair. But do you know that the use of a wood comb gives a lot of benefit to the hair. Yes, wood comb is very useful for scalp and hair. Let’s know how much benefit the hair gets from the use of the girl’s comb.

Better Blood Circulation

You can use a wood comb without fear of stinging on the scalp. When they groom hair, pressure is created on the scalp, which stimulates the acupuncture points present in the scalp and improves blood circulation in the scalp.

Strong Roots Of Hair

Improving blood circulation in scalp also makes hair roots strong and hair is also strengthened.

Hair Gets Nutrition

Using a wood comb, the natural oil present in the scalp is evenly distributed in your hair. Due to this, the problem of hair breakage, loss and oily and smooth scalp ends.

Reduce the problem of hair breakage

The use of wooden comb reduces the problem of hair breakage and loss because due to having wide teeth, it runs smooth in the hair and easily clears the tangled hair.

Scalp Allergies Will Be Away

For those who have scalp sensitive, wood comb is also better because they are made of natural wood, sometimes they also have protective coating so that scalp does not cause problems like allergies or itching.

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