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Do Weight Loss at Home, Include These 4 Things in Diet


The outbreak of the corona virus epidemic is once again looming all over the world. More and more efforts are being made that stay at home. Get out of the house if needed. It is equally important to take care of health by staying at home.

Yes, in the Corona era, you cannot do any kind of class to lose weight. In such a situation, be careful that you take care of your diet. So that you do not gain weight. So let’s tell you what you can control your weight gain by following the things in the food-

1. Must consume coconut water. Drink one coconut water every morning on an empty stomach. It contains many elements including fiber, vitamins, amino acids, which strengthens your digestive process and removes dirty water from the body.

2. Very few people like Paneer. But if you eat cheese in the morning, it will relieve you from the problem of over eating. It contains calcium, protein, vitamins, minerals. By consuming this, you will not feel hungry soon.

3. You should consume lemonade daily. Drinking lemon in lukewarm water will reduce your extra fat. It also strengthens your immunity system.

4. Green tea- These days it is also important to control weight at home due to the rising outbreak of Corona virus. In this case, you can drink green tea. It will also keep you healthy and weight will also be under control.

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