Reasons for Why Marriages Fail ?

Reasons for Why Marriages Fail ?

Divorce rates are very high. For most of the couple, divorce is a genuine warning. The biggest and the most obvious reason for which the marriage fails is the financial issues and the poor communication skills. But there are many other more reasons for which the marriage fails that can be often overlooked. Some reasons are the reasons which are surprising and seemingly cunning and while apart from them are quite obvious. They are infidelity or to abuse. If you start to understand the points and the main reasons for why the marriages fail and headed to the divorce and try to learn that how to protect or save your marriage from the challenges which are coming in your married life. by doing these things you can preserve longevity, enjoyment and can say in a healthy marriage.

Reasons why marriage fails along with how to protect your marriage

  1. The absence of investment in marriage

Start to investing your time in learning that how to make a marriage work, try to work on the self-development and try to find out your share life goals as a couple is critical for a happy, healthy and long marriages. As we all know that when it comes on the career, we need to invest more on the skills to achieve the goals and the success but due to some circumstances which occur in the marriage, we don’t try to often to think that we need any skills to sustain a marriage. To save your marriage, you have to put efforts in it, by not investing in your marriage and in the personal development, it becomes a huge risk.

  1. Control the dramas

Sometimes it was not recognizable by the couples that how to communicate, and how to solve the issues which are creating hurdles in life then it becomes tough to calm discussion issues. Every problem comes with the solution as it involves self-reflection and self-dedication, willingness to be vulnerable and to lower your defenses. And if you are seeing the behaviors in your partner you may need to tolerant place for your partner to express their underlying vulnerability, fear or anxiety.

  1. Assumed expectations

This topic implies that how well we can communicate to our partner. this is also the huge reason for marriage failure. But if you want to save your marriage, then you can manage problem easily.  Most of the people still can’t understand that it is impossible to meet anybody’s expectations but especially when if the problem is expectations are not communicated verbally to the person who is expected to behave in many ways. We frequently use to have expectations of our spouses or the other person who is around us that often to leave us disappointed when our spouse does not live up such expectations.

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