The Truth of Emotional Boundaries in a Relationship

emotional boundaries in a relationship

Healthy emotional boundaries are helping us to enjoy a happy and long term relationship. It is essential to set emotional boundaries in your relationships to make feel both the partners comfortable, develop a positive good opinion and lessen nervousness, sadness, and tension.

Types of boundaries

Boundaries are of two types’ physical boundaries and emotional boundaries:

  • Physical boundaries include personal space, body and a sense of privacy.
  • Emotional boundaries mean sighting your feelings from another’s feelings.

What are the emotional boundaries?

Emotional are limits you set in a relationship that helps you to protect yourselves from being manipulated by. An emotional boundary in marriages is a process of determining what behavior you will accept from others or what you will not.

Healthy emotional boundaries

It means honoring ourselves as a separate individual. They provide certain benefits:

  • It allows us to cheer in our own rareness.
  • It allows us to get close to others when it’s appropriate.
  • Helps prevent to get harmed by getting too close to someone.
  • It protects us from becoming involved in abusive relationships.

Setting emotional boundaries

Here are ways to set emotional boundaries with your partner in a relationship:

Be cognizant

It is important to have the self awareness that what you like or dislike and what makes you comfortable and what scares you.

Never guess your spouse’s feelings

It is always best to ask your partner’s needs and desires rather than assuming it. Making guess about your partner’s feelings can create a lot of misunderstandings in your relationship.

Be precise and clear

It is vital to be precise and clear on what you say because it seems easier said than done. It is essential to set boundaries but then not being able to execute them makes your partner think that you make excuses on overstepping your boundaries.

Adopt a sandwich approach

It involves appreciation and denigration. You should start a discussion with a compliment which prevents your spouse from getting suspicious.

To be apparent for your love

It is essential to be clear about your love while being clear about your boundaries. When couples are clear about their set of laws, aims, and assumptions, your relationship can be stable.

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