You can Save Your Marriage!

You can Save Your Marriage!

There are many marriages which are facing the unwell and the unhealthy relationship but there are some marriages that are flourish in today’s society.

Can one partner save the marriage?

Our world’s famous astrologer is best for providing counseling. He has been helping individuals in the in the world of dating or in the world of marriage to make them choose the appropriate relationship. He provides the best decisions in order to turn relationships from dysfunctional to work in the functional and then turn to the best flourish relationship.

Follow these simple steps to driving away your relationship from dysfunctional-

Decision making: from today onwards start making the decision, mark in the calendar, that for the next 90 days you are going to allow your partner to be right. do not try to ask questions, unless its s live or die situation. You just go out from the way. And do whatever your spouse wants you to do.

Keep a journal: whatever you are doing and how you are doing keep a record of all of that. Maintain a journal and record in that whatever you are doing. Did you push back at all? Did you stick into an argument and after several hours you realized that you just have to stop that argument by only saying yes?

Pat yourself:  give yourself a high five for completing any task which was given by our astrologer. It will help to motivate you and that will helps to turn the dysfunctional marriage into the thriving marriage.

Apologize: if you mistake carelessly, then don’t waste time apologize immediately. It will help to show the respect to the partner and it shows that you admitted your mistake whatever you had done. So don’t waste time on your ego, if you slip up immediate apologies is the right option.

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