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How to Understand the Role of Silence in Relationship

role of silence in a relationship

It is essential to keep silent when the situation needs; look at your partner’s eyes and maintain eye contact for three minutes. That feeling is the same feeling you get when there is silence between you and a stranger, friend, or family member. Being relaxed and happy in the silence between you and your spouse is a very solid indicator of how secure you feel together, depending on your relationship. 

Remaining silence is not a bad thing

Remaining silent is not a bad thing. It is a beneficial tool in the counseling process. It makes the client talk something more about what they were talking about. The same can be said of relationships because it is a useful tool in that too. It makes you get to know each other in a little bit better manner.

Silence is useful while conflicts

Keeping silent in conflicts will not increase your fights. If you make efforts to keep silent for a while and listen to your spouse; a solution to the conflict can be resulted out. It also shows to your partner that you are listening to them and trying to understand, rather than replying to them angrily.

Believe that silence is a tool

It is vital to take the absence of sound to reflect on what topic you are really fighting on and regroup your thoughts about the situation. Use silence to know more about each other.

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