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In the dietary nutrition structure, fruits and vegetables are the foods that our bodies must take in for metabolism, etc., but have these fruits and vegetables that we send into our mouths really been thoroughly washed?  How to ensure that what we eat may become the culprit of the disease.  The food safety of fruits, vegetables and other foods cannot be ignored by us. At ordinary times, the way we wash fruits and vegetables is too simple to clean. At most, the only thing that can be cleaned is the dust attached to the surface. Although the residual pesticide attached is invisible to the naked eye, the sense of presence is still very strong. Once the human body ingests too many chemical additives, the risk of cardiovascular disease or cancer is likely to increase. More and more consumers are gradually paying attention to this problem. As a result, GF Machine fruit and vegetable washing machine has become an essential household appliance for many families and is also a supporting equipment for many food industries.

The secret of GF Machine fruit and vegetable washing machine is to make full use of ozone sterilization effect.  The oxidation of ozone plays a great role in disinfection and can stabilize pesticides. Cations in ozone can separate toxic heavy metal ions from water. In addition, ozone can also eliminate peculiar smell. Fruits cleaned by ozone can be stored for a longer time.

GF Machine fruit and vegetable cleaning machine can ensure that all kinds of fruits and vegetables can be cleaned and kept in their original state, such as apples and potatoes, carrots, pumpkins and taros, etc. Any form of food cleaning cannot defeat the vegetable cleaning machine, leaf-shaped or granule-shaped or root-and-stem, even the dirty and dirty fruits and vegetables buried in deep soil can be cleaned, which is suitable for cleaning all kinds of fruits and vegetables.

Today’s diet view has highly praised the importance of keeping in good health and encouraged people to eat more fruits and vegetables. Therefore, people should pay more attention to the food safety. Otherwise, people may not only take in pure nutrients. After all, diseases come from the mouth, and GF Machine fruit and vegetable washing machine is needed for the hygiene control of food entering the body. I believe that no one wants to keep in good health and eventually grow and deteriorate due to the lack of food safety awareness.

In addition to the above mentioned equipment, we also provide you with reliable quality and comprehensive after-sales Fruit Drying Equipment. If you have any need in this respect, please leave us a message at once.

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