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How to Get Soft & Glowing Skin Using Baby Oil?

baby oil

Hearing the name of baby oil, if you think that this oil is only for applying to young children, then you think wrong. The way this oil shows amazing effect on the delicate skin of children, in the same way baby oil is very beneficial for your soft skin too. Let us tell you the beauty benefits of using baby oil-

  • Baby oil does not have fragrance like other oils and applying it on the skin makes the skin soft and shiny.
  • If you have stretch marks in any part of the body, then with regular massage with baby oil, they gradually start getting lighter.
  • If your skin becomes very dry, then massage with baby oil makes the skin soft. If you want, you can massage the entire body with this oil.
  • If your makeup remover is over, you can easily remove makeup from the face using baby oil. It also does not close the pores of your skin.
  • If you want, you can also use baby oil as bath oil. For this, pour a few drops of perfume of your choice in 4 cups of baby oil and mix it and mix it in the bath water. Now take a bath with this water. You will feel fresh all day.
  • Baby oil can also be used to soften the hair of hands, feet, armpits and beards. For this, if you want to shave and remove those hairs, then apply a little baby oil on those parts first, they will become soft and remove easily.
  • To remove the stretch marks that came during pregnancy, you should massage baby oil lightly on those marks. This helps in clearing the ridges on the body.

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