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How to do Safe Internet Banking?

Nowadays it is common that every payment is made with the help of internet banking. People made most of the payments with the help of internet banking. Hence it is any bill payments, fund transfer, with the help of safe internet banking. It can help you to do it in a fast and convenient way. The most important feature of internet banking is that it eliminates the issue of the waiting in an unending queue of the bank.

Therefore many people use internet banking to make their payments on the few clicks. But this facility is very easy so it need to be done more carefully. On the same time, internet banking is risky also. It contains the risk of the phishing, fraudulent means of the attaining your confidential banking information.

Below mentioned tips can make your internet banking safe and smart:-

  1. Change your password regularly and timely

When you log in to your internet banking account for the first time, you will need to use the password which is provided by the bank. After that change the password of the account in order to keep your account details safe and secure.  On the regular intervals change your password. Do not share your password with anyone. Keep your password confidential all the times. This will help you in the safe internet banking.

  1. Avoid to use public computers to log in

This is the main point to be consider that do not log in your bank account at the common computers or we can say that computers that are in the cyber cafe and in the libraries. Because there are more chances of your passwords can be traced or can be seen by the others. Therefore if you log in the emergency in the common computers then remember to clear the cache and the browsing history. And the most important thing is that never allow the browser to remember your ID and the password.

  1. Do not share your details with anyone

Nowadays it is quite common that the frauds are asking about the bank details and hack your account. But remember that bank will never ever ask about your confidential information via phone or via email. Therefore do not share your confidential information with anyone. Whether you can get an apparent phone call from the bank or an email, do not provide the log in information. Log in ID and the password on the official log in page of the bank. The official page of the bank is safe and the secure.

  1. Check your saving account regularly

When you make an online transaction then check your account. it is necessary to verify that the right amount is deducted from your account or not if you see any discrepancies in the amount, inform the bank immediately.

  1. Internet banking URL

For the safety, purpose type your bank URL in the address of the bar of the browser than clicking on the links given in an email. Therefore it can make your account safe and secure. There are many instances of the fraudsters that they can send an email with the fraud and fake website. Those links are designed exactly like the bank’s original website link. When you enter your login details on that website they will steal your money. So it is better to log in with the Internet banking URL.

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