Top 10 Mistakes Women Make When They Want a Guy to Commit

Top 10 Mistakes Women Make When They Want a Guy to Commit

Almost every woman desires a man who is willing to commit to a relationship. Some women, on the other hand, are unaware that their acts or behaviours might irritate men, causing them to gradually withdraw from the relationship. Commitment may be frightening for most guys, and it becomes much more so when they are pressed to do so. If you’re trying to figure out how to persuade a man to commit to a relationship, you should be aware of the pitfalls to avoid. Continue reading to learn about the most typical blunders women make when it comes to getting what they want. There is no ideal moment for a man to make a commitment. This is due to the fact that timing differs based on the situation, time period in life, and individual. If the moment is perfect for you, you may examine it yourself.

As a result, the length of time you will wait is determined by your objective. You can choose a date if you wish to be married, especially if you are in your 30s or 40s.

What makes a man Commit?

Almost every woman is curious as to what motivates a guy to make a commitment to her. Men want to be committed to women who understand their own worth. This entails being a woman who recognises her own value and is willing to accept her man’s love and efforts. Men fall in love and marry when they feel truly connected and welcomed. Will he make a decision? And, if so, how long will it take? According to one study, it might take 172 days or 6 months for a guy to commit and decide to marry his spouse.

However, a study of 2,000 single and married people found that individuals have differing views on how long it takes to commit. When a woman wants a man to commit, she makes these blunders. While commitment is desirable, there are some blunders that women make while attempting to persuade a man to commit.

1. Bringing up the subject at an inopportune moment

When it comes to commitment concerns, some women may have the “now or never” mentality, asking, “When will he commit?”

Men might be taken off surprise, making them feel irritated. If you’re dealing with other concerns or trying to focus on other things, it’s best not to mention it.

2: Constantly depressing thoughts

Being with someone who is perpetually negative is not only upsetting, but also exhausting. This sad and unpleasant environment cannot be tolerated by men indefinitely. This is because it makes them negative and lowers their morale.

3: It becomes a duty.

It should be possible to choose whether or not to commit. As a result, males are not to blame. Men may have reservations about agreeing to this if it is portrayed as a must. You shouldn’t expect him to be committed if you didn’t give him a deadline when you first started going out.

4. Ignoring the feelings of your partner

It’s possible that you’re making the problem all about you. This is a tremendous error since your spouse may recognise that he does not want to commit. You must think about what your lover desires. This implies that you should not concentrate on why you want him to commit.

5: Putting too much emphasis on him

Individuality is crucial in any connection. While it is necessary to care for the other person in a relationship, you should not forget about yourself and make the connection all about them. When a man is given too much significance or attention, he dislikes it. As a result, your life should not revolve on your spouse, and you should learn to be content on your own.

6: Take charge of relationship alone

There’s no arguing that making plans for the future is beneficial. Commitment, on the other hand, may change a lot of things, and many men are afraid of it. When you make these adjustments without first consulting your spouse, he is more likely to object. As a result, it’s important to speak with him about your concerns.

7: Having a conversation about marriage

You should not bring up marriage with your spouse just because you want them to commit to you. It’s not an issue if your partner desires the same thing. However, not all guys desire to get married right away.

8: Discussing the possibility of having children

This is without a doubt one of the most common relationship blunders made by women. You are not yet exclusive, therefore discussing having children together is a no-no. You will appear impulsive, in addition to making him feel overwhelmed. This is something you may talk about in the latter phases of your relationship. Furthermore, many men date not for the purpose of having children, but for the purpose of having a life companion.

9: It’s too late to ask

Asking too late, on the other hand, might lead to a slew of assumptions. If you both want this, your relationship should go in that direction.

10:  Making a committed decision that you later regret

Your companion will remember your wish not to commit if you express it. As a result, if you return it too soon, you will confuse him. He can possibly be feeling deceived.


Finally, you comprehend the blunders women make when seeking commitment from their spouses. Because dating may be perplexing, this is unavoidable. There are, however, ways to get your boyfriend to commit without jeopardising yourself or the relationship. You might also seek therapy if you believe you and your partner are not on the same page.

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