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Most Popular Keywords Searched On Google 2017

Often we search a website without knowing its exact domain name. For that, we just type a name and expect to see the best suitable result during the searching on Google.   Many times we unearth that some new website and blog get easily top rank in search, the reason behind that is, that website leads out a maximum number of keyword match.  Though it expanded the story of SEO (Search engine optimization) so we have to move on towards Popular Keywords Searched.

Here Are Givens Most Popular Keywords Searched In India

  1. Railway Booking: – After Digital India, often passenger go through online railway booking facilities. The reason of first ranked of IRCTC is that it is a match of a keyword such like railway reservation, reservation status, booking, Tickets, online etc.
  2. Cricket: – People are much crazy of it. People search on the internet to get a recent update of score’s and see live coverage of cricket. Cricinfo is the top website to know a live score of cricket and number 1 rank during a search related to Cricket. Another keyword search related to cricket is Cricket score, live score, and Match Information etc.
  3. Bollywood Songs: – This is also another searched keyword; also used in form of download Hindi song, listen to online Bollywood Songs, Bollywood song 2017, Bollywood song new and Bhojpuri song etc.
  4. Online shopping: – In today’s world there are only a few of people who don’t shop online and rest of are often going through online shop rather than visiting a nearest retail shop.
  5. Internet Banking: – In today’s era of technologies, often people choose internet banking Instead of standing in the long line of a bank. Internet banking offer convenience to the customer, so that customer can do much work in the comfort of their home such like, pay a water bill, electricity bill, online shopping, transfer money one to another, make an order of foods and much more.
  6. Aadhaar Card: – Recently Indian Government announced to mandatory “Aadhaar Card”. Therefore people searching for a function related to Aadhaar Card, for ex. check status or download it. Aadhaar Card is used for imperative Identify and Address proof in India anywhere.
  7. Samsung Galaxy: – Samsung Galaxy has launched many models with a different and attractive feature, whether it S3, S4, J3, J7 AND Note2, Note3 model. Its attractive feature has risen searching in Google.
  1. IBPS: – Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) is an autonomous agency in India. From some years, IBPS was successful in screening over millions of candidate for testing.
  1. Narendra Modi: – Narendra Modi is an Indian politician who is the 14th and current Prime Minister of India; becoming the first ever PM to be born after India attained Independence. He has become a god of Indian people Cause of his great work, launch different- different scheme for people to get rid of poverty, Equality in society and much more thing.  For this reason, searching is risen up on Google.

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