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How you can fulfill the deficiency of Vitamin C? Which fruits increase vitamin-C

vitamin c

The body needs all kinds of vitamins from time to time. When it is deficient in the body, it starts affecting health and it also affects work. However, in a country like India, there are many options for everything, so there is not too much trouble. But it is said that there is a lot of vitamin C in the orange, but if it is not found, then other fruits can be consumed. You will not be deficient in Vitamin C by this.

  1. Manukka Vine – Manukka definitely increases blood. In addition, the amount of vitamin C in the element present in it is also complete. Therefore, you can consume it by dissolving it in water. If you feel weakness, you can also eat black salt on manuka.
  2. Grape- Yes, there is also a lot of vitamin C in grapes. Its use also provides relief in diseases like TB and cancer. You can eat it comfortably at the place of orange.
  3. Lemon- It would not be wrong to call lemon synonymous with orange. Yes, there is a lot of vitamin C in it. Sometimes eating lemon provides relief in grieving bones and muscles.
  4. Strawberry- It contains 84.7 mg of vitamin C. You will get a lot of relief from its consumption. Doctors also recommend to take it.
  5. Broccoli- In today’s time it has become very trending food. Youth consume it with great passion. It contains about 132 ml of vitamin C. Many fatal diseases are also relieved by its use.

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