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What is the ‘Double masking’ method and how it is effective?

double masking

The risk of corona infection continues in the country. Still, about 50 thousand cases are being reported daily. In the same world, the pace of vaccination has also slowed down, corona rules have been relaxed in many places and people are also negligent in wearing masks, while the World Health Organization recently warned about this, because of such negligence. Corona’s new variant Delta Plus may prove to be more lethal. The World Health Organization says that it is mandatory for everyone to wear a mask to avoid corona. However, more emphasis is being laid on ‘double masking’ in this matter. Actually, ‘double masking’ means wearing two masks simultaneously. But it is very important to know which two masks to apply, because there are many types of masks available in the market, such as surgical mask, cotton mask, N-95 mask etc.

Can surgical masks be reused?

Experts say that surgical masks cannot be washed and reused, but can be used at least five times by adopting other methods. After use in double masking, keep the surgical mask in a dry place for seven days and expose it to sunlight. You can use it again after seven days.

It is correct to keep the surgical mask in a paper envelope

If the surgical mask is kept wrapped in some paper for seven consecutive days, then the risk of corona infection is reduced to just 0.1 percent. Therefore, keep in mind that only after this number of days, use the surgical mask again and also keep in mind that if you have used the surgical mask only for single masking, not in double masking, then do not use it again. Do it.

Double masking is necessary in these places

  • in a crowded place
  • in the hospital
  • while traveling by bus or train
  • in a place where safe physical distancing is not possible

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