What is Emotional Intimacy?

What is Emotional Intimacy?

There is a big difference between emotional intimacy and sexual intimacy. Emotional intimacy is not related to intelligence emotionally, communication and the connection between you and your partner. The definition of emotional intimacy is quite different from others. The aspect of the physical intimacy deals with the feeling of the closeness with the partner. Therefore it was the few time when it focuses on the communication or the emotional conflicts with the partner.

Determination of Emotional Intimacy

From the mutual admiration, couples feel connected to each other. The connection can be established on the two aspects- the first one is spiritually and another one is emotional. These two are the main attempts to build a strong relationship. This can be only achieved with the help of mutual admiration, hormones, and endorphins that create the feelings associated with love.

If you want to achieve the emotional intimacy then you have to make a mutual respect, enjoying the time together, laughing together, sharing memories, common interests, good and the positive communication with the spouse. Share a strong physical closeness with your partner. One of the signs of physical intimacy is sharing some personal memories with your partner that you are not able to share with anyone else.

You can increase your intensity of the connection with the romantic activities and share the personal aspects of your feelings, personal details and histories. This can reflect the example of that one may use to determine their intimacy.

Conflict in the Relationship

Most noteworthy is that the main topics that are related to physical intimacy are related to the conflict. This is the aspect of the problem and feelings arise in the interpersonal relationships. Couples inevitably experience conflict at some point.


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