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A Complete Guide- How Men should talk to Women?

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Since ancient times men find difficulties that how to talk to women. Sometimes women too face the same problems while talking to men. The fact is that there are huge differences between both the genders, which sometimes hinder communication. Differences are based on both biology and psychosocial development.

You should simply learn how to communicate with the opposite gender in spite of the differences.

How men and women vary

Biology and cultural norms show that men have narrow-focused attention.  They focus very well on one thing but ignoring everything that surrounds them. On the other hand, women have a bit of shallow focus, but it encompasses a wide range of stimuli. The purpose of talking for men is to transfer a message, negotiate express one’s thoughts. Women talk to explore how they’re feeling about something, they seek comfort, they work through her emotions.

How these differences turn into confusion in communication

A modern man and woman present unusual similarities when a man wants to talk to a woman, but he starts with unnecessary talks. He just wants to be more concise and precise, believing that he’s not presenting his proposal clearly enough. While on the other hand, she will truly become more and more anxious about the whole thing. In fact, she will probably completely disregard what the man is talking about.

How to talk to women?

  • It is important to understand the feelings of women and respect them.
  • It is important to understand the psychology behind how women like to communicate.
  • Thus it is important to learn the differences between both the genders.
  • It is important to certify her feelings first and listen for a while before presenting a suggestion.
  • It is important to support, listen to her and help her if necessary.

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