How to Apply Lipstick Perfectly- Beginners Guide

We all know that girls are addicted to their makeup and their makeup items. But if we asked any of the girls that what is her favorite makeup item then he will tell you about her favorite makeup item and it is none another than lipstick. Most probably of the girls are addicted to lipstick. Lipstick is the only makeup item that brightens the look with just a simple stroke.

But applying lipstick is not as easy as it seems like. To get the beautiful look it is necessary to apply the lipstick in the right and the perfect manner. We all know that lipstick is the most popular form of makeup. And it is common among all the females. Lipstick is the most essential makeup accessory.

How to apply Lipstick Perfectly?

What you need!

  • A nourishing lip balm/ lip conditioner
  • A lip liner
  • Concealer
  • Compact powder
  • Your favorite lipstick

Here’s the lipstick tutorial begins…

We are providing here some tips that do not need any lipstick touch ups again. These steps will help you to make your lipstick stays out as long as you do.

Wipe off your lips

To get a proper and the best layer of the lipstick it is important to make sure that there is no extra residue on your lips. Wipe them properly and make sure that there should be no extra oil on your lips. Any extra lipstick or lip balm will make your lips makes feel too slippery and will not let your lipstick to stay long. After that nourish your lips with the lip conditioner.

Apply a Base

Applying a Base before applying a lipstick is necessary because this can help you to keep your lipstick from wearing off too soon. Apply a minimum amount of the concealer on your lips with the help of the brush or with the help of the fingertip.

Use lip liner

Lip liner helps to give a proper and the appropriate shape to your lips. It defines your lips to make you stand out. Apply the lip liner on the outline of the lips before applying the lipstick. Choose the same shade of the lip liner which matches the lipstick shade. It doesn’t look nice when you choose a different color of the lip liner.

Use Lipstick

After applying the lip liner this is the time to put the lipstick. You can directly apply the lipstick or you can use the brush for perfection. Remember that apply the lipstick within the lip liner outline. Add a second coat if you think it is required.

Contour the area around your lips  

If you want your lipstick to look absolutely flawless then you can dab some of your foundation with a brush around your lips for the perfect look. If need be, you can powder on your chin for an eater look.

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