2018 Horoscope: Your Yearly Astrology Forecast

Change is in the air for the 2018 astrology lineup, as the planets make major long-term astrological shifts and usher in more intensity. There will be a planetary transit that only happens every 84 years (really!) and cosmic alignments that could make 2018 one of the sexiest years we’ve had in over a decade.

Whew—we made it! 2017 was one challenging year across the board, and most people will be glad to leave it in the rearview. Read on for your 2018 astrology report—both for your individual Sun sign and for the whole planet.


Could sweet stability be in the stars in 2018? We’re cautiously optimistic, after the last few years of cosmic chaos. But a peek upstairs reveals a little more quiet than we’ve had in recent times. Will that echo down below? Here’s hoping.

The slower-moving outer planets, which shape the larger trends that affect us all, will spend the bulk of 2018 in receptive, reflective “yin” (earth and water) signs. This could herald a calm period, but people may be passive during a time when what the world really needs is action.

By mid-November, three planets will be rooted in their “home” signs. Planets are empowered when they’re at home base.

November 8, training our attention on the details. Themes of life and death, real estate, long-term finances, sex and power fall under Scorpio’s domain. Russia, North Korea, the European Union, the United States: Changing alliances will further reshuffle the global power structures. With truth-telling Jupiter in secretive Scorpio, we can expect more leaks and shocking reveals of “classified” information. The widespread revealing of sexual misconduct and harassment has corresponded to Jupiter’s visit to Scorpio.

When Jupiter returns home to Sagittarius on November 8, international issues will take the spotlight. This entrepreneurial energy will also be a boon for startups and solopreneurs, as we’ll all crave more freedom. Travel, publishing and multicultural relationships will also be hot-button topics. Moving from Scorpio to Sagittarius is like changing your viewfinder from detail-focus to wide-angle. We’ll emerge from the intense depths and focus on broader, more worldly topics.

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