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How Google Ads in the Growth of Up and Coming Businesses?

Being a business owner is an extremely satisfying feeling.

I feel one reason for that is because you get to call

something your own,

something that can be your legacy,

something that people would remember you for an eternity.

Look at Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple, who is no longer with, yet people still think of him as the owner of the biggest company on the planet, even more so than the present CEO Tim Cook.

Tell me if I am wrong, I do not think you will be able to.

This is why the proportion of people taking on business loans in the UK has increased by a landslide in the present times.

Unlike in the past decades, people do not fear the business world, especially the small and micro business owners.

They have a saviour, a guide, and a confidant, who will make even the most difficult of things seem as easy as a piece of cake.

And this is Google.

Let us delve into how a search engine can help in the growth of small businesses, making the cut-throat competitive world turn favourable for them.

Create Your Business’ Profile

This one is the most beneficial for small businesses, many of which do not even have a website. To understand this, let us look at it from the consumer’s perspective.

Say, I am a customer, and I feel like eating a Cheesecake today.

So, what would I do?

I would go on Google and write “Patisserie near me” or “where to buy the best cheesecakes?” in its search bar. You would have done the same, right?

And then Google would flip its magic wand, and I would get the listings of all the places from where I could satiate my craving.

And I would make the call, place the order, and get it delivered to my doorstep in a matter of half an hour.

The customer would be able to do this because Google would let him know everything about your business. It does through the creation of business listings and the twist of its magic wand.

  • The overview of your business, which includes the kind of products and services your business deals in.
  • Where your business is located, and how does the customer get there with the directions and estimated time?
  • The timings of your business, when it opens and closes, and if it is open at the time of the search or not.
  • The contact details are also available, so that the potential customer can call you to ask or clarify any queries he or she may have.
  • And lastly, Google also shows the pictures of your establishment, both the ones you have posted along with the ones the customers have clicked.

In Google’s terms, this is called “Google My Business,” a feature that is immensely helpful in creating a business’s online profile, even if it does not have a website to back it up.

The majority of the local stores in the UK have taken advantage of this feature and made a name for themselves in the online community.

Post Reviews and Feedback

Google My Business creates an online profile for the budding businesses, but it also establishes its efficacy for the customers.

This is done through the reviews and star-ratings.

Whenever a customer would Google a Business, he is bound to find a rating attached to the business listing.

These reviews and ratings have a significant influence on the customer’s decision to come to your establishment or find another.

For instance,

If I type “patisserie in London,” the top three results on Google listings would be.

  1. Prestige Patisserie
  2. Patisserie Sainte Anne
  3. Dominique Ansel Bakery London

The first one is the first to show because of its 5-Star rating. The second and the third have 4.7 and 4.2 ratings correspondingly.

If Google told you the Prestige Patisserie is temporarily closed, so you cannot have its 5-Star experience, which would help you choose next?

For me, 4.7 stars are as good as 5, and the customer reviews happen to say the same.

Sander Buiter says the cakes and the croissants are amazing at Sainte Anne. He also recommends having breakfast here.

Charles Brunet happened to bring a date to this Patisserie, and to say that the date was a success would be an understatement.

Raphael Basan has gone so far ahead to compare Sainte Anne to a patisserie in France and he only has positives to say about his experience at this place.

There are 249 more reviews similar to these.

And upon reading them, you would become inclined to witness the same delightful experience that these people have had.

The small store owners can capitalise on Google and make their customer base grow by the day.

However, as a business owner, you have to remember that there are bound to be bad reviews; you cannot satisfy everyone impossible. Just work on providing the best services, and your overall evaluation is going to attract customers every day you are operational.

Amplify Your Online Presence

If you feel that you need more Google, Google will not disappoint you. Up until now, we were establishing and maintaining a positive online presence for your business. However, now we are going to amplify the same, taking it to the next level.

Google’s Digital Toolkit is meant to do just that.

  • It helps you perform market research to know your customers and their demands better. You can perform surveys to understand what needs to be done for better chances of being discovered.
  • If you have a website, Google will help you improve its web experience for your users. From evaluating the actual speed and optimisation to getting recommendations for future improvements, Google does it all.
  • The Digital Toolkit also entails promotions This helps small businesses know where and when they should promote and provides content in the form of posters to help gain traction.

Now, tell me, do you not think that Google has made the business world seem less daunting for the up-and-coming businesspersons and entrepreneurs?

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