Medical Insurance – The New Gift Trends for Employees this Festive Season

Medical Insurance – The New Gift Trends for Employees this Festive Season

The festival season is fast approaching and there’s no better time to let your employees know how much you care about their welfare. Most organizations want to get the best productivity from their workforce.

Rewarding an individual or a team for their contribution to the company is essential. However, it is very important as to what kind of reward you choose for them. Gifting Diwali sweets, a paid holiday trip or appraisal are exceptionally commonplace. Connecting with an employee on a personal level has been proven to be more beneficial and when you buy group medical insurance, it becomes easier to establish such a connection.

Segregate the Performers

Every year, there will be the best performers who stand out of the crowd. Segregate them based on different criteria, such as consistent performer, most valuable member in the team, highly responsible and formidable team member/leader. When you choose to split them based on various traits, over a dozen employees will be rewarded.

When a considerable number of employees or teams receive holiday gifts or rewards in an organization, it is bound to eventually reach everyone in the company. The reward motivates them to work harder, smarter so that they can win it next or in an upcoming festive season. Group medical insurance for employees are affordable for most companies, reach a large group of people at once and is an unconventional yet highly beneficial choice for all.

Why Choose Health Insurance over Appraisals and Gifts?

Choosing the right gift is no easy task for an organization. Your choice of reward should be affordable to the management, useful to your employees and most importantly should be distributed evenly among a team without favoring one more than the other.

A group MediClaim insurance meets all these requirements and has more advantages than what meets the eye. Appraisals are supposed to be provided every year based on performance and cannot be offered as a festival gift. Going with cash prizes, coupons or fancy gifts is too common because they don’t have any long-term benefits.

However, an employee health insurance policy for the individual or his/her entire family will go a long way in establishing a strong connect between with the organization and employees. Instead of providing them with things that may not have any real value in the long run, an insurance policy provides them the assurance. A word of caution, compare the policy benefits and premiums to be paid before investing.

Building Trust

An employee health insurance policy builds trust on the organization in which they work. In a time when medical expenses are sky-high, it is great to give employees peace of mind and allow them to focus on their work with undivided attention. After all, when they know that their health and their family’s well-being is secured, the employees tend to work better.

The trust factor build through such a thoughtful gift also helps you retain an employee for many years to come which in turn will favour the growth of the company and its credibility among clients and customers. With so many benefits attached to it, there is more than one reason to gift group medical insurance for employees to motivate them.

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