Difference between 30 And 60 Page Passport

Difference between 30 And 60 Page Passport

Certainly, all of us know what is passport and why and where it needed but certain of people know about 30 and 60 pages passport and different of it.   Here we’re going to describe in details, what difference is indeed and which one we should take.

Generally, both the 30 and 60 pages passport validity is the same; only the number of the pages is different.    Use of the passport booklet pages – ON the each visit of abroad the immigration official stamps your passport with an arrival and departure respectively.

The main reason of having issues 30 and 60 pages booklet passport is that-  some countries like the United state of America, United Kingdom, Canada, etc. Stamp on one whole page of your passport.

Some of the countries such like, United Arab Emirates, Syria, Malaysia, Kuwait etc issue a visa which doesn’t stamp on the Passport, thus only space it will take arrival and departure time stamps,  So require only half of page during each visit.

Unlike the India, many countries like the United States, Canada, Mexico, etc. only have an entry stamp, there is on stamp on your passport during existing the country this is why the only ¼ page of passport required.

Now we talk in the brief, why people take 30 and 60 pages of the passport.

36 pages passport

A passport with 36 pages is used only 31 pages for immigration/ visa stamps. If you visit abroad less and often visit those countries which stamp only during entry time then 36 pages passport is enough for you.

60 pages passport

In a 60-page Passport booklet, only 57 pages are usable for stamping.  If you often visit abroad then you should take 60 pages passport booklet.

Well, one more thing is that you can plan for the number of pages you might need for your abroad visits to the next 10 years.

Important things to remember

You will be issued new passport booklet, in fact, your current passport hasn’t expired, if you:-

  • Want to get your surname changed
  • Want to get your address changed. Most of the people don’t update their address on the passport, but they should update for the perturbed free abroad experience.
  • Want to get your Spouse’s (Husband or Wife) name added or removed.
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